Top Reasons to Rent an Instrument for School

Teacher with her class gathered around a rental instrument at a table showing her class how to put a clarinet together.

Your child wants to play an instrument at school and you may rent an instrument. This is an exciting time, but where do you begin?  They’ve made the decision, but now you need to get the instrument. You may fear that after a couple of months it won’t work out and you’ll be stuck with an instrument collecting dust. What if they change their mind and want to play something else entirely? Read on for the 2 major reasons why renting a musical instrument may be the best option to help you get started.

 Affordability & Reliability

Trumpet that has been in Aunt Suzi’s Attic for over 30 years.

Garage sale or online find?  It’s been in Aunt Suzi’s attic for 30 years?  You may think you’ve found a bargain but be sure you’ve considered all the factors.  Playing a low-quality instrument or one that isn’t in good playing condition can be incredibly frustrating and lead players to quit before they really have a chance to get started.  The other option of getting an old instrument into good playing condition can frequently mean a costly repair bill.

Beginning a musical instrument is an investment in both time and money.  In order to start off on the right note, you need to make sure you are playing on a quality instrument. We offer teacher approved, high-quality, name-brand instruments like Yamaha, Jupiter, Conn-Selmer, Eastman, Accent, Shen, & Pearl.

Renting an instrument allows you to start with a minimal monetary investment for a high-quality instrument.  Low monthly payments make it affordable for anyone. Menchey Music even offers a maintenance plan to help with any repairs that may be needed in the future and free loaners.  What could be easier?

                                                  Peace of Mind

Group of different size string instruments. What if they stop playing? Whether they play for a week or a year, there is no obligation to continue the contract! You can return it at any time with no penalty fees or extra costs. This relieves the initial pressure of picking “the right instrument” and sticking with it forever. And those rental fees – they are building towards the purchase of the instrument.

Plus, switching is easy!  We offer several different options if your child decides the instrument they chose isn’t the instrument for them.  And we offer an upgrade program for when your child decides they love it!

We understand there is a lot to learn when starting to play a new musical instrument, and we are excited to go on this journey with you! We can’t wait for you to kick off your lifelong enjoyment of music!

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