Northeastern Music Programs

Student musicians playing in a concert band.

Teacher holding a clarinet in front of a classroom of students sitting on the floor.

Northeastern Music Programs provides a turnkey instrumental and classroom music education programs to Catholic and parochial, private, and charter schools grades K-8. The Northeastern Advantage offers these schools the ability to provide students high-quality music education without the high start-up costs and overhead of music teaching staff.

Founded in 1983 by Dr. Randy Navarre, Northeastern Music has provided these services to several hundred schools in the Philadelphia / Allentown / Central PA regions, Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland.  Dr. Navarre, who is also a musician and printed music publisher, grew the business organically since its inception, and in 2008 acquired Instrumental Music, tripling in size overnight. In March 2017, after being a long-time partner with Dr. Navarre, Menchey Music Service purchased Northeastern Music.

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