Digital Pianos

Yamaha Clavinova pianos have earned the highest distinction and are recognized by pianists of all levels and ability.  They have earned the recommendation of music educators, recording artists, colleges, conservatories of music, pre K-12 school music departments, piano studios, civic organizations, churches, and private teachers.

Yamaha Clavinova Digital Pianos: CLP, CSP, CVP & Hybrid 

Yamaha Clavinovas digital pianos are available in three exciting configurations: CLP, CSP and CVP models.  Take a moment to peruse the following selections to see which of these instruments best suits your needsUpon receiving your order, Menchey Music will make arrangements for delivery and assembly. We are also here to answer any questions about the product, before or after the sale. Every instrument comes with the Yamaha 5-year warranty on parts and labor.  Service is in your home by our very own in-house technicians!  


The CLP Series 

Yamaha Clavinova CLP series digital pianos are traditional on the outside but modern inside, providing the touch and tone of a concert grand piano with class and understated technology. They feature the sounds of the flagship Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial concert grand pianos and graded hammer keyboard action with an escapement mechanism and synthetic ivory and ebony keytops. The Clavinova CLP line offers an authentic and inviting grand piano playing experience for players of all levels. 

Models include: 

 CLP-625, CLP-635, CLP-645, CLP-665GP, CLP-675, CLP-685 & CLP-695GP 


The CSP Series

Master your favorite songs by importing music from your device into the CSP instrument through a free dedicated Yamaha app called Smart Pianist. The Stream Lights feature will show you which notes to play and will even wait for you in the process! Enjoy playing the digitally sampled Yamaha CFX or Bosendorfer Imperial piano voices plus hundreds more through the natural feel of the Graded Hammer 3X keyboard. It will be a musical experience like no other! 

Models include: 

CSP-150, CSP-170 


The CVP Series

The CVP-Series Clavinovas are the flagship instrument of the line. Imagine playing along with session musicians. Or adding voices from hundreds of digitally sampled voices. You can even sing or play along with backup singers and record your renditions for playback! The CVP series of instruments offer an intuitive built-in touch screen, guide lights for immediate enjoyment, Karaoke mic connection and endless musical possibilities!  

Models include: 

CVP-701, CVP-805, CVP-809 and CVP-809GP 


NU1X Avant Hybrid Upright Piano

The NU1X represents the combination of a traditional piano with progressive digital technology and innovation. It employs a real acoustic upright piano action that intuitively connects player and piano. The NU1X offers a gratifying dynamic experience with the amazing sound of a world class Yamaha CFX or Bosendorfer Imperial concert grand piano. The result is an instrument that not only pays tribute to its acoustic counterpart but exceeds all expectations. 

Model included: