Menchey Music can take care of your guitar needs, from a simple restring to a major repair.

If your guitar needs new strings, come see us at any one of our eight locations. Having your guitar restrung only costs $20 plus the cost of strings. Before we start restringing your guitar, we will inspect your instrument to make sure it is in good condition. This lets us identify any issues that may mean a trip to the repair shop before the problem gets worse.

The best part of having your guitar restrung at Menchey Music is there is no need to make an appointment! Just bring it in during store hours to your local Menchey Music. If you want a more in-depth look at what happens during a restring at Menchey, you can find more information here.

Girl singing while she plays guitar.Most guitars are comprised of wood and can be affected by temperature and environment. This means adjustments or repairs may need to be done occasionally. For instance, there should be no space between the bottom of the bridge and the top of the guitar. If this is happening, it needs to be sent to our repair shop in order to be fixed.

Are you left-handed?  Think you want to string a right-handed guitar for a left-handed person?  It is possible to switch but most teachers would not recommend it.  Most instruments are played the same no matter which hand is dominant. Guitar is one of those instruments! If you do decide to have your right-handed guitar strung as a lefty, we will send it to our repair technician. It is not as simple as just switching the order of the strings.

Guitars are complex instruments, and in order to make the switch properly, there are construction issues that must be addressed. Thicker strings apply more tension to the guitar, so the bracing inside the guitar is stronger on the bass side (left side if you are looking at it) than the treble side (right side). If you only change the order of the strings without addressing the internal bracings, the change in the pressure distribution will likely damage the instrument’s structure. The saddle will also need adjustments because it is slanted to accommodate a right-handed guitar. If the angle of the saddle is not corrected, your guitar will not play in tune.

Our repair shop has a qualified guitar technician who will take care of your fretted repair needs! Much like cars, instruments require regular maintenance to play their best. We will send your guitar to our technician who will provide you with a free estimate for any needed repairs. Our technician can provide a wide range of services from a set up to an overhaul. Here at Menchey, we make it easy to keep your guitar in top condition!