Do we Restring Guitars?

Close up of girls hands playing a yamaha storia guitar.

If you need new strings for your guitar before your next lesson or weekend show, bring your guitar or bass guitar to Menchey Music! Have your guitar restrung by professionals for the low cost of $15.00 plus any strings you decide to purchase.

Our employees know how to identify any serious issues that may mean a trip to the repair shop before the problem gets worse and will inspect it before starting your restring. During our basic restring we will wipe down your guitar and fret board, change your strings, and make sure that your guitar is properly tuned.

How does a guitar restring work?

  1. Bring your guitar to your local Menchey. If you already have strings, bring them along! If you don’t, the store associate will have a great selection for you to choose from.
  2. We will quickly write up a repair ticket with the serial number and your information so we can contact you when the work is complete. We usually ask for one business day to restring your guitar and allow the new strings to stretch and settle in. If you need it done sooner, just make sure to call your local shop and confirm that they are able to accommodate your needs.
  3. We will give you a call when your freshly restrung guitar is cleaned up and ready for you to make more music!

You do not need to make an appointment to have your guitar restrung.  Just drop it off during store hours at your local Menchey Music. We will restring your guitar as often as you need.  This can vary based on how much you play and the conditions in which the guitar is stored. If you aren’t sure whether your guitar needs new strings, bring it in, and we’ll let you know if it’s time!