3 Reasons Private Music Lessons Benefit Students

After students have begun settling into the school year, many parents come in and ask us why private music lessons matter. In music class, the student may be learning with many other students, and that can be intimidating. Today, let’s talk about three ways your child will benefit from private music lessons.

1.) Tailored Lessons

Private music lessons allow the teacher to create lesson plans based on the student’s needs. The teacher can re-assess each week, and whether the student is struggling or soaring ahead, they can adjust accordingly. In group lessons, teachers typically must accommodate the slowest pace in a group lesson. In private lessons, your student is the main star! Private teachers can also teach the material in the most effective way for their students. If they need visual aids, then they can easily provide that. Maybe your student needs to watch the teacher demonstrate before they give it a try. Private instruction can also teach the student how to self-assess. Each week the teacher will be looking for improvement and can monitor practice habits. Private teachers devote their time and energy to making sure your student progresses to the best of their abilities.

2.) Establishing Good Habits

During music class there is little time to ensure technique is correct. Small mistakes can easily be missed in a room full of students playing the same instrument. When learning a musical instrument, it is crucial to establish good habits. If you start playing with bad habits, they can be very hard to change. Losing progress due to fixing bad habits can also create frustration that could lead the student to quit. During private music lessons, the teacher can quickly correct any bad habits that may arise. The student will be able to properly play the instrument and continue to progress smoothly.

3.) Positive Learning Environment

A student can quickly become overwhelmed when surrounded by other students. They may pretend to play their instrument just so other students won’t notice mistakes and be afraid to ask questions. In private lessons, teachers can create a positive learning environment. Students will know they can ask any question and receive an answer. Private teachers will praise them for progress, help them with their struggles, and make sure they get the attention they need to flourish.


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