Upgrade your String Instrument with 75% Trade in Credit!


Now is the time to Upgrade your String Instrument with 75% Trade in Credit!

2011 was our 75th Anniversary and in celebration of that milestone we allowed a special 75% Trade in Credit.  Because of the program’s great success we are again offering you 75% Trade in Credit (that’s higher than our regular 60% trade in credit!) when you upgrade your string instrument now through August 29, 2015.  Trade in your current rental or student level instrument toward the purchase of a more advanced instrument.  We have instruments starting as low as $950.  You may also apply this credit toward a step up string rental.

Menchey Bowed String Gallery offers a large selection of advanced instruments at very competitive prices.  Our dedicated staff includes string players eager to help you find the ideal instrument for your student.  Why not come by and let your young musician experience just how much difference a better instrument can make?

For best selection and service, please contact us at 888.636.2439 x 236 to schedule an appointment (feel free to bring your private music instructor if he or she is available). We look forward to working with you!


Musically yours,

Sandy Neill

Bowed Instrument Manager