Yamaha Model C2 (5’8″) “Conservatory” grand piano


This like-new Yamaha model C-2 (5’8″) full-sized Conservatory Grand piano was built new in 2007 and was built and seasoned for the North American market. It has recently been returned from the Yamaha Institutional Loan Program and has been meticulously maintained while serving as a “guest” piano in a college loan program.

The model C2 is a top tier Yamaha 5’8″ full “Conservatory series” grand piano. It has been long-recognized as a leading model and often selected by colleges and music conservatories for its reliability, responsiveness and full rich tone. It is an investment instrument and will be an heirloom to future generations.

This is a great opportunity to purchase Yamaha’s finest, a Conservatory series grand . . . at thousands less than a brand new instrument. This is not a refurbished “grey market” piano, but a made for the USA instrument that comes with a new Yamaha 10-year factory warranty!

For more information or to make an appointment, please contact Tom Mathis, Timonium Piano Gallery Manager at (410) 453-6635 or email at TMathis@Menchey.com.

Regular Price – $32,999.00

Clearance Price (1 only) – $16,499.00