Harrisburg Instructors – Piano

The following is a list of our current Piano teachers at our Harrisburg location.

More information about our lesson program can be found here.  For more information about specific teachers or to schedule lessons simply click on their name.

Raven Hinton

  • Wants to keep students motivated and engaged using specific goals and objectives for each individual person
  • Believes students must be stewards of their cultural heritage, excellent performers, critical thinkers, and creative human beings
  • Minimum Age Required: 6+

Justin Pechulis  (currently not offering on-line lessons during COVID-19 restrictions)

  • Believes music is an ever-present part of our world
  • Lessons are individually designed with the interests of students in mind, offering a well-rounded study of piano music
  • Minimum Age Required: 6+

April Pellegrini

  • Provides students with a fun learning experience and gives them the tools to confidently perform in whatever style they desire
  • BS degree in Music Education and a Master of Music Education degree from Lebanon Valley College
  • Minimum Age Required: 5+

Sara Willard Lee

  • Experience in solo voice work, choral groups, traditional and contemporary worship and musical theater
  • Bachelor’s of Music from James Madison University
  • Minimum Age Required: 7+

Josh Tweedy

  • Holds the philosophy that anyone who enjoys music is welcome and able to learn
  • Instruments Taught: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Banjo
  • Minimum Age Required: 7+