Hanover Instructors – Piano

The following is a list of our current piano teachers at our Hanover location.

More information about our lesson program can be found here.  For more information about specific teachers or to schedule lessons click here.

Esther Jones

  • Emphasizes proper technique, mixed with music theory and an appreciation for music history, both western and world
  • B.A. in music with an emphasis on theory and composition from McDaniel College
  • Minimum Age Required: 5+

James McGonigle

  • Degree from University of Texas, El Paso
  • Believes that every student has their own individual interests and abilities
  • Provides a unique program for each student
  • Minimum Age Required: 5+

Phil Menges

  • BA in Music Education from Western Maryland College
  • Teaches age 6+
  • Church pianist and guitarist