Dispelling the Easy Instrument Myth

girl playing her easy instrument

When someone decides to pick up an instrument, the first question they often ask is, “Which one is easiest?” There is a common misconception that some instruments are easier than others. An easy instrument for you may differ from other musicians.

There are many instruments to choose from. The “Easy instrument” is a myth because it depends on the player.  To get started, simply listen to different instruments in many styles of music. You may pick up a flute and quickly become a master. If you don’t like the way a flute sounds, you will almost certainly lose interest in it quickly and stop practicing.

Picking a musical instrument can be a challenging adventure of switching instruments. You may switch several times before you find one that resonates with you. Some believe they don’t have a drop of musical talent and could never make music. They may simply be playing the wrong instrument. When you choose the right instrument, it becomes easier (even fun!) to practice daily and watch yourself improve.

When you find the instrument that is perfect for you or your child it is easy to know it’s the right one. Making music with the instrument comes naturally, rather than feeling like you’re wrestling with reeds, strings, sticks, or valves.

If you or your child are struggling with choosing or learning an instrument, do not give up! Try asking your teacher and see if they have any helpful advice. Sometimes they are looking for someone to switch instruments! In a band or orchestra program, you want to make sure that the teacher agrees with the instrument switch. If the teacher approves, then private lessons will help you or your student catch up.

It may take a few tries, but you will find the instrument that is perfect for you. If you need to swap, give us a call. Menchey Music Service is here to help!