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This model combines all the benefits of master luthiers’ plate tuning techniques with the special German-style multi-layer shaded spirit varnish. The result is a modestly priced master instrument with outstanding projection, tone color and playability, not to mention beautiful flamed maple and premium European spruce, enhanced by the luminous hand-applied varnish.Read More →


HC2800_AAugust F. Kohr

Fine, heavy antiquing of medium-brown over a golden base. Sweet tone, yet with big projection. Good amount of tonal complexity. The E string is brilliant and clear in all positions. G string keeps a big voice in higher positions.Read More →

703 Guarneri

VL703GSVL2D_AFrederich Wyss

The finest available European tonewoods are meticulously crafted by makers working in the tradition established in Germany centuries ago. Tonally adjusted and hand-varnished by master luthiers in the US, these instruments are nothing less than true professional models, worthy of the conservatory, studio or concert stage.Read More →