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HC602_AAugust F. Kohr

Master violin with choice tonewoods, beautiful medium satin, medium reddish-brown to golden-brown finish. Clear, big sound with fine sound projection. Rich tone. This is truly a great value for the price. Handmade and hand finished. Highly recommended in Strings Magazine.Read More →




Entirely hand crafted from tonewoods using select spruce top and highly flamed maple back, ribs, and scroll. The varnish is a hand applied spirit varnish. This instrument has an effortless response and produces a refined sound. Highly recommended in Strings Magazine.Read More →




This model combines all the benefits of master luthiers’ plate tuning techniques with the special German-style multi-layer shaded spirit varnish. The result is a modestly priced master instrument with outstanding projection, tone color and playability, not to mention beautiful flamed maple and premium European spruce, enhanced by the luminous hand-applied varnish.Read More →