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Crafted in Romania from highly select Carpathian tonewoods. Highly detailed craftsmanship. Solid spruce top and maple back, ribs, neck and scroll. Ebony pegs, fingerboard and chinrest. Hand-finished in the US using an antique-style spirit varnish.


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VC30444_AHeinrich Gill

This step up cello is made of a slightly flamed maple back and a mountain spruce top. Good craftsmanship combined with an excellent spirit varnish give this cello its good reputation. It offers an excellent relation between price and quality.Read More →


VC33444_AHeinrich Gill

The 334 is made of high quality tonewood. Graduated and finished by hand, these instruments have reached a very high reputation among many advanced student instruments on the market. Set up with fine ebony fittings, these instruments are easy to play, well balanced and very good tonal quality.Read More →