Apply Now: Best Communities for Music Education

Menchey Music is proud to announce that the NAMM Foundation is accepting applications for naming the 2020 Best Communities for Music Education. This program, measured through a survey process, acknowledges schools and districts across the United States for their commitment to and support of music education.

The Best Communities for Music Education is a program developed by the NAMM Foundation. The survey was developed in partnership with the Music Research Institute at the University of Kansas. The survey asks questions that are aligned with goals for access to music education for all students as well as national standards for music education. The NAMM Foundation wants to support communities that are working to make sure there are music education opportunities for every student.

How are communities selected? The survey gauges funding of the program, participation in music education, opportunity, standards for your program, community, and other factors that affect access to comprehensive music education.

Best Communities for Music Education logoNow you may be asking why should you fill out the survey? Here are several reasons… if you are selected as a Best Community:
• Your program will gain national recognition and increased visibility.
• You and your departmental peers will feel a sense of validation for your hard work.
• Most importantly, your administrators, school board members, parents and students will realize that their collective investment in music education is making your school a recognized winner in the top 10% of school districts with comparable programs!

The survey also acts as a great tool to help with an annual audit of your music program.

The deadline to apply is January 31, 2020. For more information about the program and to apply click here. Please make sure a qualified district representative completes the survey as some very specific information is requested.